There are a lot of instruments you can play. We have a lot of work to do to try to organize this section to be helpful. Keep in mind that Advanced Search is big edge that Music Students have today.

Music Mentor provides you custom tools to keep up with the best that is out there on the web for the instrument of your choice. We will also use guitar and vocals for examples of how that might look as guitar is what I know best and vocals is a bit unique.

The most typical instruments for people who’s parents aren’t making them play are Guitar, Keyboards, Drums and things in a band. Frankly, the world could use more Bass Players in that respect.

Saxophone, trumpet, violin, and cello are also very popular. These are often used more for orchestras or older styles of play.

Here is a more comprehensive list of Instruments:

Regardless of your instrument, music is music and unusual instruments find their way into all kinds of music. AD/DC used a bagpipe in “It’s a Long Way to the Top” to the delight of many.  Here are some more examples at 25 Weird instruments in Rock to provide more examples.