You love Music right? A quick note about our the MusicMentor.com purpose:

Listening to music is awesome. Playing can be even better.

MusicMentor.com is a Community Music Project that is just getting started. We want to start by providing an interactive web map to the best free content we can find from the perspective of the user. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a big role in how we gather and organize this information going forward.

We are looking for like-minded musicians, educators, technical folks, coders, and just savvy individuals that want to help craft the future for this community driven site as a gift to the world. You don’t have to be an expert, just interested and passionate about some aspect of the MusicMentor.com vision and project.

Musicians are not perfect, but perhaps music is. And, we want to make the joy and benefits of musicianship accessible to all wanting to pursue their musical path in whatever way suits them.

The MusicMentor.com Community was just launched this year. We are seeking a few key individuals that will help craft the strategies and create a content platform that will allow us to serve only the users of this site. The money to run it is already set aside for the next few years and more is available as the concept is fleshed out and the community grows.

The best news is, with the new technology it is easier and more fun than ever. And, we will focus on what is Fun, Fast, and Free! No ads, no revenue model just driven by people who love music and want to what they know.

We are just getting starting  now so enjoy the site and if you are interested in helping define and develop the MusicMentor.com Community vision and web presence, contact me jeff@logicalmethod.com.