If you are an aspiring musician, have a local band or are on tour, has what you are looking for. Whether you play guitar, bass, drums, or are a vocalist, Music Mentor is here to help you achieve your goals as a musician. You may be an engineer, producer, agent, or just love music. If you love the art of playing music, the Music Mentor website is your resource for information and equipment. 

Lessons, songs, chords, tabs, electric, or acoustic, we will have all of it for you.  Beginner or Professional players alike, we have it all.  Here are some examples:

Featured Guitar Related Products

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Powered Speakers

Make sure to check these powered speakers out. As usual, prices are great. Powered Speakers can be a great addition to the individual player and for bands too. Click Here to see them Now! 

And don't forget to spend a lot of time just playing! 


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